Thursday, April 22, 2010

Who Doesn’t Love to Laugh!?

Looking for a good book to make you smile & laugh!?  Here’s a few of my favorite funny, entertaining & quick reads that I would recommend!  Perfect for reading at the beach or while sitting outside in a nice comfy chair!  Or…well, just perfect to read just anywhere! 

Warning: Reading in public may result in reader getting weird looks from strangers due to laughing out loud!


House and Garden Boutique said...

Thanks for the book suggestions.....I could always use a good laugh. I have read Savannah Breeze and absolutely love that book. Well, I love all of Mary Kay Andrews' books. Deep Dish is really good too. Hissy Fit is another funny one by Mary Kay Andrews. Hope you can stop by and visit my blog and be one of my followers too! So glad I found your blog.

Emidy said...

Great post! It's always nice to read a laugh out loud funny book. I'll have to check some of these out!

Meanbean said...

ooohh I love when a book makes me laugh out loud!!

My Book Barn said...

Thank you for all your comments.

House & Garden...I also love the books I've read of Andrews! Hissy Fit is currently on my TBR List. Can't wait to get to it!

Shell said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I love light reads.

Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!

My Book Barn said...

Thanks for stopping by!