Sunday, February 22, 2009


I opened a Photobucket account for my store. I have been a Photobucket user for a long time for personal use though I have never paid too much attention on the sites features. I found that Photobucket is not as good as Flickr as far as adding information & links to your profile. However you can add your store link and or information to your photo descriptions, but your link won't be clickable. However I do find it beneficial as millions of people use Photobucket to search for images & will stumble upon yours & in turn discover your store link. They also do not have groups, but they do have what are called group albums. I created a group album titled eCrater Items. Anyone who has Photobucket can add your item photos to that album. Here's the link I only uploaded a few photos to start with. If I find that it is beneficial I will be adding more. As of right now I would recommend concentrating more on Flickr as you can add a lot more information to your profile (as in store link, description & lot's of other information.) I'm just not sure if Flickr get's even close to the same traffic as Photobucket. Only time will tell. As for right now I would recommend uploading a few photos to each site to begin with. Then if you find either site or both to be of any benefit you can always upload more.

Flickr or Photobucket?

As I have been meaning to for a long time now I finally got around to opening a Flickr account to help promote my items. I thought I would share this with everyone who may not know. I discovered that there are quite a few people from eCrater & this site already on there. There is an eCrater group you can join to help further promote your items photo's.

I also plan on opening a Photobucket account as I only have a personal account & not one for my store. So, I don't yet know if there are any groups for us eCraterians or not. When I make it there I will share what I find. Are any of you on there as well?

Are there any other sites like Flickr & Photobucket that anyone uses?