Friday, February 27, 2009

eCrater Mall Directory

eCrater Mall Store Directory. Easily find eCrater stores in specific categories.

Would you like your eCrater store listed in this directory? You may go here to request you submission.

MySpace Photos

MySpace anyone?

I know some of you are on MySpace so here is another way to use MySpace to your advantage. The other day while researching an item, to my surprise one of my photos on MySpace came up in the search. So, for everyone already on MySpace be sure to add a variety of your item photos including with each a photo title. Someone searching for said item may happen across your photo & in turn find your store. You can also add your store link to your photo title though it wont be clickable, it will give people another opportunity to find your store in case they do not look at your MySpace profile.

For all of you not yet on MySpace I suggest doing so. It is great exposure for you & your store! Though this has already been blogged about I'm going to mention it one more time. There is also an application you can add called Marketplace. Free accounts can list up to 10 items plus store information. Anyone with that application can shop & discover your items. Great application!

Monday, February 23, 2009

eCrater Stores Reference Page

The eCrater Stores Social Network now has a Reference Page. This is a new feature that is a work in progress. The reference page features Glass, Pottery, Dolls, Vinyl Records, Pipes, Sports Cards, Jewelry, Toys & many other categories. Members are welcome to contribute reference sites that they have found useful & are also welcome to suggest new categories. We hope this will be another great feature that all of our members will find helpful! If you haven't checked the site out be sure to stop by. Everyone is welcome to join! We hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I opened a Photobucket account for my store. I have been a Photobucket user for a long time for personal use though I have never paid too much attention on the sites features. I found that Photobucket is not as good as Flickr as far as adding information & links to your profile. However you can add your store link and or information to your photo descriptions, but your link won't be clickable. However I do find it beneficial as millions of people use Photobucket to search for images & will stumble upon yours & in turn discover your store link. They also do not have groups, but they do have what are called group albums. I created a group album titled eCrater Items. Anyone who has Photobucket can add your item photos to that album. Here's the link I only uploaded a few photos to start with. If I find that it is beneficial I will be adding more. As of right now I would recommend concentrating more on Flickr as you can add a lot more information to your profile (as in store link, description & lot's of other information.) I'm just not sure if Flickr get's even close to the same traffic as Photobucket. Only time will tell. As for right now I would recommend uploading a few photos to each site to begin with. Then if you find either site or both to be of any benefit you can always upload more.

Flickr or Photobucket?

As I have been meaning to for a long time now I finally got around to opening a Flickr account to help promote my items. I thought I would share this with everyone who may not know. I discovered that there are quite a few people from eCrater & this site already on there. There is an eCrater group you can join to help further promote your items photo's.

I also plan on opening a Photobucket account as I only have a personal account & not one for my store. So, I don't yet know if there are any groups for us eCraterians or not. When I make it there I will share what I find. Are any of you on there as well?

Are there any other sites like Flickr & Photobucket that anyone uses?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good afternoon all! I hope everyone has a great & safe weekend! Stay warm!

My Book Barn

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe weekend! Stay warm!

My Book Barn

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pokemon Cards

My Book Barn now has Pokemon Cards!

Listing more Pokemon Cards daily so be sure to check back regularly!

All cards are shipped in a Hard Plastic Sleeve!

I'm happy to combine shipping to help save you money!