Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memories Superhighway

Start Your Engines!
Cruise down Memories Superhighway!
Get in the fast lane! Destination: Yesteryear!

A new website is open! Memories Superhighway. Where collectors and sellers collide! A hopping place and way more than stuffy china and dusty books (although they are there too!)

A quick tour around and you see lots of interesting places to pull off and investigate. New members should stop by the Tourist Center, where the very friendly rules are posted and a site tour as well. Tourists page is all our members, and Scrapbook is currently our photos and albums, but we are working on another concept for that.

Click the tab called Neighborhoods and you'll find some fun groups to join and plenty of places to show off your favorite collectibles, like Grandma's House, Handmade Highway, The Campground, Atomic Avenue and Music Mile to name only a couple, and anyone can start a group, the more the merrier. Most of the groups have a place for sellers to post, and a place for collectors to show off their collections!

Side Roads is the forum, with the usual discussions and other business. The Gazette is our blog, anyone can post, but no selling, must be informative or of interest to all.

BE SURE to visit the Route 66 page for some real distractions, and be prepared to share a story.

Market Mile is designed for online store owners to have a “shop” to post their online inventory, this is not an active store, only a showroom of your online inventory and you must have an online store. Individuals and ebayers can post in the classifieds in forum. And please post your for sale items in the proper places, we wanted seperate places for collectors to feel free to post their collectibles.

It's fast, free, and easy to join, I hope everyone comes by!