Friday, February 26, 2010

A Honkytonk of a Book!!!

Honky Tonk Man Honky Tonk Man by Clancy Carlile

This is another of my old reviews I thought I would share. Of course this is one of my favorite books! If you haven't read the book perhaps you may remember the 1982 movie of the same title starring Clint Eastwood. Needless to say the movie of course was based on the book. Clancy Carlile the author of the book also wrote some of the songs on the movies soundtrack. Another great book by Carlile is Children of the Dust. If you've never heard of it here's a link to my review of that book. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page & you'll see it. Underneath the review you'll find the Synopsis also. O.k., now for the Synopsis of Honkytonk Man...

Following a musician taking one final chance at the big time. Red Stovall is a would-be country singer who has been bouncing around the margins of the music business for years. With nowhere in particular to go, Red arrives at the failing Oklahoma farm of his sister for an extended visit, where her son Whit quickly bonds with his uncle. However, it's obvious that Red is in very poor health, drinking heavily & breathing with difficulty, & when Red is invited to audition for the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, Whit tags along for the road trip to keep an eye on his ailing uncle. En route, Red & Whit are joined by Whit's grandfather & another hopeful vocalist, Marlene, who like Red is chasing her own dreams of stardom on the Opry. Now for the review....

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I just loved this book! It is easily one of my favorites. A book about dreams, coming of age, life, honkytonks. It was such an interesting & entertaining read. One that will tug at your heart strings & make you want to cry while in other parts you will be laughing out loud. Definitely a book I will read again in the future.

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