Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poor Dateless, Hopeless Gomez

According to Graham Parke’s book titles poor Gomez doesn’t stand a chance!  He’s apparently both Dateless & Hopeless!  Not good combinations!

Graham Parke is author of both No Hope for Gomez & No Date for Gomez.  I received a limited edition signed copy of No Date from the author in exchange for an honest review.  This post is my review of said book!  Don’t worry, just keep reading!  I’m getting to it!  I am VERY EXCITED to announce I also received an extra Limited Edition Signed copy to giveaway here on my blog!  WooHoo for you guys!!!
No Date for Gomez is a short 65 page Novella.  Warning from author: If you breath in too hard, you WILL swallow it!  Here’s a little blurb about the book (copied from authors site)…The events in this novella take place 5 years prior to those described in the international bestseller (fingers crossed): No Hope for Gomez!

“I’ve always worried that we have one particular hair on our heads which, upon removal, causes all other hair to fall out. A Master Hair of sorts.
     It’s probably nonsense. It’s highly unlikely. Nevertheless, I comb very carefully.”
-- Gomez Porter, Blogspot.
[5 years and 2 days ago from blogfox] 

Gomez’ attempts to secure a date with the new girl in his building are nothing if not unorthodox and alarmingly awkward. But, as fortune would have it, this is not your typical girl next door. This strange creature hides a dark secret, one in which Gomez may well find himself caught up. 
Now finally my review of No Date for Gomez!  This is not your run of the mill author and or book!  The book may be short, but it’s not lacking entertainment!  The book takes you through Gomez’s past with females, up to current day where Gomez finds interest in a certain female living in his building.  I found that poor Gomez doesn’t have any hope!  So, the title of Graham’s other book No Hope for Gomez must be true!  I often wanted to reach in the book & smack Gomez upside the head!  At the same time you can’t help but love him!  Will he finally get a date!?  You’ll have to read the book to find out!  Overall I loved this short little novella!  The characters were likeable & I found myself constantly laughing!  The wit & humor in it was excellent!  I must say if you’re looking for a quick (literally), entertaining read that will make you laugh out loud then you must read No Date for Gomez!  I can honestly say…I can’t wait to read No Hope for Gomez!

As I said above…the author was nice enough to send me an extra Limited Edition Signed Copy to giveaway here on my blog!  I will be posting the giveaway soon!  So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!  In the meantime if you just can’t wait you can jump on over to Graham Parke’s Forum & enter the giveaway for the same book there!