Friday, February 27, 2009

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MySpace Photos

MySpace anyone?

I know some of you are on MySpace so here is another way to use MySpace to your advantage. The other day while researching an item, to my surprise one of my photos on MySpace came up in the search. So, for everyone already on MySpace be sure to add a variety of your item photos including with each a photo title. Someone searching for said item may happen across your photo & in turn find your store. You can also add your store link to your photo title though it wont be clickable, it will give people another opportunity to find your store in case they do not look at your MySpace profile.

For all of you not yet on MySpace I suggest doing so. It is great exposure for you & your store! Though this has already been blogged about I'm going to mention it one more time. There is also an application you can add called Marketplace. Free accounts can list up to 10 items plus store information. Anyone with that application can shop & discover your items. Great application!