Monday, March 15, 2010

My Excitement Over Receiving & Reading Guest House by Barbara Richardson

Guest House Guest House by Barbara K. Richardson

I'm very excited to read & review this book!  I received this book for review.  To my surprise after opening this book it was signed & inscribed by Barbara herself & also had a bookplate size book advertisement inside that was inscribed as well.  I have come across a few signed/inscribed books in the past at used bookstores & thrift stores.  A couple of those books being in the free bins no less!  Books that just happened to catch my eye for whatever reason & after getting them home discovering the inscriptions.  Which was exciting, but this is the first book that has ever been actually inscribed for me & I must admit it's a huge thrill!  I might, MIGHT have jumped up & down a little with excitement...just maybe...just a small jump or two!  I've cracked the first couple pages, but can't wait to really dive into this book!  So, of course I have to share with all of you a photo of the inscription! ; )

From the back cover:  Driving home from work on a summer afternoon, Melba Burns witnesses a nightmare collision.  She abandons her car, quits her job, & stops driving.  The wreck ends Melba's desire for success at any cost; she retreats into her beloved old farmhouse yearning for a simpler peace.  But her peace has never met Melba's stunning new roommate JoLee Garry, a magnet for messes & trouble.  JoLee brings a series of unexpected guests who transform Melba's solo life into something different, darker, & richer.

To learn more about this author & her book visit her website! 

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Very nice autograph!! Thanks for following my blog!!

My Book Barn said...

You're welcome! Thanks...I was really excited when I opened it! lol